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Kerney stood watching it all happen as if it were a soundless movie in slow motion. The screaming inside him drowned out everything else. He was sobbing, out of control. “Goddam you, Griffin. Goddam you, goddam you, goddam you.” Then no more words, nothing but screaming. He shoved the guard aside and swung the M-60 toward Griffin. He fixed the jeep.s strapped-on gas cans in the sights through a blur of tears and squeezed the trigger. The weapon shuddered. Tracers flew from the barrel to the jeep vaulting over the grass and sand. The cans exploded in a burst more beautiful than any Kerney had ever seen. Through the smoke, the burning figure standing in the jeep tilted and fell to the ground, limbs askew, like a broken marionette.

—from - Trip Wires, published in Tom Glenn.s novel in stories, FRIENDLY CASUALTIES

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